What DO you EAT?!?

Some recent menu items at our house:

Grilled Grass Fed Rib Eye Steak (bone-in), topped with Butter with sauteed portobello mushrooms & garden salad

Coconut Fish Fillet (from Mark’s Daily Apple User Created Coconut Recipe Book) with buttered mixed steam vegetables or salad

Grilled Bacon-Cheddar Burger with cut-up raw vegetables (no bun, thanks!) & grilled portobello mushrooms

Alfredo Chicken Thighs with steamed broccoli

Homemade Pizza topped with extra cheese, sweet italian sausage, pepperoni & bacon (MANY thanks to Fat Head & the Naughtons for this crust recipe!!!)

Crustless quiche (Bacon & Cheese or Bacon cheese and spinach)

Cracklin Chicken (Nom Nom Paleo) with mashed cauliflower (“fauxtatoes”)

Chicken Parmesean Meatballs (Peace Love & Low Carb)

Beef Jerky (SO GOOD – Amy Coppola at Humans Are Not Broken)

BBQ Chicken Legs with steamed zucchini and garden salad

Sliced roast beef, slathered with soft garlic/herb cheese, rolled around grilled asparagus spears

EGGS: boiled, fried, scrambled, omelet (bacon, spinach & mushroom for me!)

Cheese: OH YEAH BABY – sliced, melted, fried, in sauce, you betcha it’s good! (my apologies to people with dairy allergies or issues with casein)

FULL FAT Yogurt (check labels for added sugars!) – Our daughter mixes sliced strawberries into hers

Coffee with Heavy Cream


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